Other Services

Funerals ~ Memorials ~ Ceremonies of Transition

When a friend or family member has passed, you may have no one to facilitate a remembrance with whom you are comfortable.  It is an honor to preside over these times of transition, speak words of tribute and comfort, and provide a steady hand for family and friends. 1/2 of my fee is donated to charity.

Should you want Truths and Tools that move you forward in the grieving process, I am a Certified Professional Coach specializing in Grief & Loss. Please refer to my other website www.YouCanHealYourGrief.com to set up a personal call with me.


Ceremonial Celebrations & Rites of Passage

Life is short and should be celebrated!  We all go through changes so quickly, without taking the time to honor ourselves or others.
Here are some ideas:
~ Ritual to celebrate accomplishment, such as new job, divorce, finishing college, quitting smoking, letting go of an issue or anything of meaning.  This can be to celebrate your own step on the Journey, or someone else's!
~ Rites of maturity, menarche, or manhood
~ Ritual to celebrate entering Middle Age or Elder Years.

Healing Ceremonies

When a loved one is ill, prayer and ritual for their health is common and comforting. We can incorporate Reiki, symbols, chanting, crystals, music, poetry or whatever is most empowering.  I am a Reiki Master Teacher and have offered healing to clients recovering from cancer and surgery, as well as for animals.


House Blessings

Bless your new home with Peace, Happiness, & Prosperity with a unique ceremony.  We can use sage, songs, sprays, sound, Reiki and many other elements to invite positive energy in, and to create a sacred space for you and your family.


Hospice and Hospital Visits by arrangement