Weddings and Funerals are personal and can be stressful - let's answer some of your questions right away, and remove just a bit of that stress.
We have some "different" ideas for our wedding - is that ok with you?

  Those are the most interesting and memorable! The wedding to the right took place the week before Halloween and everyone was in costume, including me. I am open to almost anything, so don't be shy about asking for what you want. This is your day, and you need to be true to who you are and what speaks to you.

Do you perform same-sex marriages and Commitment Ceremonies?

  Absolutely. I welcome people of all persuasions and orientations, for love is a many splendored thing!

Frequently Asked Questions

How would you describe your personal style?

  Organized, thoughtful, on top of things, attentive and open-minded - at least these are my goals when I work with anyone.

Do you perform Catholic services?

  I can add Catholic aspects to a ceremony, certainly - but I am not a Catholic priest, cannot perform mass or give communion.

Can you blend multiple faiths and cultures into our ceremony? What if we want no religious aspects at all?

  Your religious preferences are completely your own and I can combine anything you wish. Sometimes there is great beauty in bridging cultures and finding that their unity represents the unity of a marriage.

Do you charge a fee for funerals?

  I do charge a nominal fee, as I am not connected to any church. However, half of my fee will be donated to charity. See my charities at right - even if you don't hire me, send them a few dollars, if you can. The need is great.

The Domestic Violence Support Group with whom I work as a counselor

"Claire's attention to detail and knowledge of her craft took our ceremony to another level. Claire has an insight that gave us not only a wonderful wedding, but a beautiful start to our marriage."


Ann & Randy

Providing food assistance to families in need

Providing heating assistance to families in crisis in Michigan, my home state

Do you suggest a rehearsal for our wedding?

  It really depends on your ceremony. If you are doing something simple with no guests, no musicians and nothing complicated, it may be doable without one. However! If you are taking months to plan it, spending a chunk of change and having family fly in, I would certainly recommend it. That way, everyone knows what will happen and feels more comfortable in the moment of "I do."

Where do I find information on getting a marriage license?

  Requirements vary widely state to state and county to county. General state information can be found here at

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